APCO THRUST IV the good stuff got even better



Facing the challenge we are now launching THRUST IV – the logical evolution of our mainstay paramotor wing.

THRUST range of wings has been around for years. A lot of things have changed in the past decade – flying has come to be safer, more fun and less complicated.

Each generation of Thrust was an improvement over the previous, fulfilling pilots expectations. The third generation introduced in 2011 quickly became to be our dealers' favorite. Feedback accumulated and experience gained since, led us to implement further improvements making this excellent wing even better - THRUST IV is born.

Special attention was given to improve the rigidity of the wing, polish the handling, and optimize its feedback – all this combined with increased pilot comfort and safety.

Handling now refined to give the best possible agility with perfectly coordinated roll and yaw – centering on lift effortlessly. Wing feedback is gentle and predictable filtering out air “background noise” efficiently. It cuts through turbulence effortlessly with high resistance to deflations.

For pilot looking for dual purpose wing – THRUST IV is THE choice.

Risers redesigned (using slimmer 20mm. webbing) to be suitable for all types of paramotors and trikes with different hangpoint systems. The risers feature trimmers for fast cruising, new ball bearing pulleys on accelerator and magnetic brake connectors with swivel on the handle to prevent brake line twist.THRUST IV born from perfect blend of the best in Thrust III and Thrust HP.

In all it is much improved paramotor wing, as well as a very nice, sweet, free flying glider for stress-free, enjoyable flying under power or just soaring.

面對挑戰,我們現在推出THRUST IV - 我們的流砥柱動力傘翼的邏輯演進。

THRUST已經問世多年,很多事情在過去十年發生了變化 - 飛行已經到了更安全,更有趣,沒那麼複雜。

每一代THRUST都改進了上一代,完成飛行員的期望。第三代在2011年推出,迅速成為我們的經銷商最喜愛的。THRUST IV的誕生:反饋和積累起經驗,使我們實現進一步的改進,使這一優秀的機翼變得更好 。

特別重視提高機翼的剛度,拋光處理,並優化其反饋 - 所有這一切結合試點增加舒適性和安全性。

現在處理精製而成,讓最好的敏捷性與完美協調滾轉和偏航 - 圍繞電梯毫不費力。機翼反饋是溫柔和可預測的高效過濾掉空氣中的“背景噪音” 。它穿過動盪毫不費力地到通貨緊縮的高電阻。

對於試點尋找兩用翼 - THRUST IV 是一個選擇。


THRUST IV的誕生,融合了THRUST III和THRUST HP。它大大改善了動力傘翼,還有一個非常漂亮的,甜的,自由飛行的滑翔機的電源下無壓力,愉快的飛行或剛剛飛升。