PPG Meter - FAB Multi-function Meter!!!

FAB Multi-Function Meter !!

Manufactured by Balyfly. We already have beed tested for more than a year, debug to near perfection.

You will be able to be eased while paramotor flying. This is the latest product developed by our factory. 

This product is necessary for extra-light engine flying. It provides all the necessary data for pilots to judge every aspect of safe flying.

We consider for you completely. It is easy to operate this meter.

It is also convenient to see all the data including operating speed, air temperature, flying height, the rate of taking off and landing, remaining petrol, etc. It shows all the data clearly.

Main Functions:

  1. RPM

Monitor the operation of engine during the flight, check the RPM and keep in the best condition.

  1. Service time for engine

Maintenance schedule setting, you can exchange the spare parts on time for safety concern.

  1. CHT

Monitor the temperature of cylinder head anytime in order to make sure engine won’t over heat.

  1.  EGT/ water and oil temperature sensor (optional)

Monitor the temperature anytime.

  1. Fuel gauge

Showing the amount of fuel level, and red light alarm when its reach low level.

  1. Altimeter

Calculate the height starting from the point you fly or count the height above the sea level automatically.

  1. Gradient rate indicator

Showing more information about the rate of updraft and downdraft every second, in order to avoid the potential crises.

  1. Hour meter

Count the length of time you fly starting from the engine operates, for the reference of the plan of flight route.

  1. Environment temperature

To understand the temperature around you.